88% of new business is referred

In 2016 an incredible 88% of all new business was referred by an existing client.

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Why you should choose Web Foundry

Well, let's be honest, it's not our ball handling skills!

You have a bewildering choice when it comes to web design and marketing and we don't envy your task. How do you weed through the thousands of companies that claim expertise in this or that? With this in mind we've pulled together some of the key differentiators for Web Foundry.

10 Years and counting

in a world full of 'here today, gone tomorrow' web designers, it's reassuring to know some companies can stand the test of time. We've got an incredible amount of experience and expertise and this comes to bear on every project and for every client. We are independently owned and have grown successfully for ten years in a row.


We're not interested in vanity design, the latest fads or cool trends. What matters is results. Every penny you spend needs to work hard to help your business grow. Most of our competitors wouldn't know how to measure performance and effectiveness, let alone deliver it.


Web Foundry is one of the UK’s most experienced web design companies. With offices in Cheshire and Edinburgh we can service clients throughout the UK and take pride in creating bespoke, innovative designs for our clients. User experience principles underpin all our web design work, influencing shape and structure, colour and style. We design and develop custom templates using Joomla or Wordpress, depending on your project requirements.


Last year, a staggering 88% of all new business came from client referrals. Our clients love what we do and they go and shout about it over and over. We know how important this is, which is why we place so much emphasis on client care, project management and quality control.

Our People
Every company is the sum of its people. Our people make us what we are. They go the extra mile and ask the difficult questions. They make things run smoothly behind the scenes and take accountability. Perhaps most importantlty, they're highly motivated and care passionately about what they do. People matter and your business matters to them.
Web Foundry guided me through several discovery sessions and challenged my ideas and assumptions. We decided to build a fully working prototype to test our thinking before scaling up development and taking to market.

Our Team

Web Foundry is a team of 20 talented individuals, working in Edinburgh, Cheshire and Warsaw.


Our Work

Check out some of our case studies and watch the video testimonials form some of our key clients.


Our Skills

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