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The CMS that powers 39% of the Web needs no introduction. But how does it perform for membership websites?

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Overview of WordPress

WordPress has been around since 2003 and what started out as a blogging platform has matured into a fully featured Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is Open Source software, which means it's free to download and use for your project, so long as you adhere to the GPLv2+ licence terms.

Over the years, thousands of plugins have been developed for WordPress to extend its functionality and range of use-cases. WordPress, combined with several of these plugins, can provide an excellent choice for any trade association or membership website.

Let’s Look at the Pros and Cons of developing a membership website with WordPress.

No one technology is ever perfect, so it's important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each option that we provide. Clients that need lots of customisation options and have a budget to match can win big-time with WordPress. However, if you need more features out of the box, such as user authentication, fine-grain access levels permissions then you might want to look closer at Joomla. If, on the other hand, you need a more straightforward solution and lower running costs, then Webflow could be better suited to your needs and budget.

WordPress CMS Benefits
  • Free to download Open Source software
  • Wide range of themes available
  • Almost 60,000 plugins are available to extend WP in every imaginable way
  • Large number of skilled WordPress web developers in the marketplace
  • Can be hosted anywhere
  • Easy for web admins to update content
  • Search Engine friendly with a clean permalink structure
WordPress Considerations
  • Ongoing maintenance costs, associated with multiple plugins can be high
  • Without careful security, WordPress can be vulnerable to hacks/attacks
  • WordPress originated as a blogging tool, and building out a fully-featured membership site requires many plugins
  • Development costs can be higher if you need write custom code
  • Page load times can be slow, depending on the number of scripts and complexity of the site
  • SEO and user experience may be affected by slow load times

What our client said...
It's been a joy working with Web Foundry, who have guided and helped us bring this exciting project to fruition.

ESCP Eagle Clinical Trials Research website

The website was a custom Wordpress build with custom component development to track user progression throughout all five learning modules on the site. A bespoke login/user-authentication method was developed and study videos where added throughout the site. As the users advanced through each course they could review and 'check - off' elements of the study as each was completed. The client administrators could manage users and monitor uptake of the programme and user completion.

Features included
Access Control Lists
Downloadable Reports
Event Listings
Member Only Pages
Online Registration
Reporting Engine
Responsive Design

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