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Webflow a fully-featured membership website on a budget

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Should we build our membership site in Webflow?

Webflow is the most modern of the three alternative technologies we can use to develop your trade association or members’ website. 

Weblfow has been around since 2013 and has matured into one of the most exciting web builder platforms on the market and has a rapidly growing fan base. In January 2021 the software firm announced a $180million investment, which means we can expect some exciting developments in the pipeline.

Unlike Joomla and WordPress, Webflow is a hosted solution, which means that the website is hosted on Webflow rock-solid server infrastructure so you don’t need to worry about updating technology, securing or scaling it. The servers are hosted on Amazon Web Servers (AWS), so you benefit from the same server infrastructure, reliability and security as brands like Netflix, LinkedIn, BBC, General Electric and more. 

Let’s Look at the Pros and Cons of developing a membership website with Webflow.

No one technology fits all and it’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each option that we provide. Clients that are prepared to be flexible over features can win big-time with Webflow. However, if you need fine-grain control and heaps of customisations, then you will want to consider WordPress or Joomla solutions. 

Webflow CMS Benefits
  • Hosted solution provides enterprise-level servers and high availability
  • Fully customisable ‘look and feel’ of the website
  • Can be integrated with marketing automation tools
  • Design and build timeline is shorter
  • Built in components for Galleries, Forms, Videos, Banners
  • Flexible CMS for building your database and workflow
  • Responsive platform for mobile and tablet devices
  • Easy to use editor tools for non-technical managers
  • Front end code (HTML & CSS) can be exported to WordPress (if required)
  • Has an API for managing collection data in other services
Webflow CMS Considerations
  • Because it’s a visual editor, there is no back-end access to code, so you must be comfortable that the built-in features meet functional needs
  • This is a hosted service, so you cannot have FTP access to the site - everything is done via the CMS
  • You have a choice of two payment processors - Stripe or PayPal
  • It may not suit the largest sites as there is a limit of 100 static pages and 10,000 collection items (database records)
  • Requires integration with other services to add advanced features, such as user authentication
What our client said...
Terrific company, terrific people. We have used them for our website for some years and have always had great service, great ideas, and great delivery from them. They've been prompt and efficient when we've needed help urgently and remembered us when we've forgotten something. We'd definitely recommend them wholeheartedly. You'd be daft to go elsewhere.

AMPS Trade Union membership site

A fully managed membership portal, comprising website, member logins, admin tools, analytics and reporting. Fully hosted, secure solution that can be up and running in weeks, rather than months associated with a traditional custom build.

Features included
Access Control Lists
Downloadable Reports
Interactive Map
Online Registration
Reporting Engine

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