Squarespace web design.

Squarespace is the perfect platform for building a website on a budget. It's well suited to creating simple sites quickly and for ease of updating and maintenance.

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Squarespace web design

Squarespace is one of the four primary web development platforms that we use. It sits towards the simpler end of the technical spectrum and we use it to quickly build prototypes, microsites and lower budget brochure sites.


We offer a fully managed hosting platform and costs start at just £15 per month for a small website. Inclusive of web stats, back ups and server support.


We can modify a Squarespace template to fit your brand or design style preferences. Using your own domain, colours, logo and images.


Rapid website design with a full suite of tools.

Squarespace punches above its weight when it comes to modern web functionalities. For instance, we can create a blog, simple eCommerce store, embed Google maps, contact forms, videos, image galleries and more. It's also very easy for you to manage and update your content and our training takes only a few hours and you're good to go.

Need a website on a budget? We offer 3 packages to suit your needs.

Using Squarespace or Webflow, we can create a professional looking website at a snip. Check out the Price Packages Factsheet to see which option is best for you.


Perfect for microsites and prototypes

Our expertise, together with the Squarespace CMS, allows us to build out your website in no time at all. Take a look at the ideal use cases below.

Prototype site to test your business idea

Squarespace is a great tool for getting a small site, built quickly. The limited toolset allows moderate levels of customisation and the included templates provide a good basis for creating your own design.

A simple brochure site for a small business

If functional needs are non-custom and you simply need a digital brochure and have content and images ready to go, then a Squarespace site can be built within a few days.

Website to promote an event

Squarespace is ideal for promoting a short term event as we can easily embed maps, event images and more for you. Contact forms can be added and simple drop & drag functionality makes keeping it up to date a cinch!

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