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We build with four of the most exciting and flexible web CMS platforms.

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Open source CMS

WordPress & Joomla together power 40% of the Web.

Since 2003 WordPress has been building a formidable following in the web design community. WordPress alone now powers around 35% of websites and it's popularity until recently is relatively uncontested.

Joomla formed in 2005 and like WordPress is built on the same Open Source technology stack and can claim around 100 million downloads at the time of writing. It continues to be developed and the latest version (4) is expected to be released in the current year.


Fully mature systems and eco-system that means you can build virtually any kind of website with either WordPress or Joomla.


Web Foundry has more that 10 years' experience in developing web solutions with both WordPress and Joomla.


Squarespace and Webflow are changing the face of web design

Squarespace and Webflow represent the current pinnacle of all-in-one  web builder platforms. Unlike WordPress and Joomla, they are fully commercial technology businesses that charge for their services and the big point of difference is that both solutions are fully supported.

Squarespace is well suited to smaller, simpler websites and a modest number of available templates can be modified to fit a client's brand and needs. Webflow is more powerful and customisable, but has a steeper learning curve for web design practitioners.

Both systems present easy to ues editing tools for client-side web editors.

Experience a smarter way of working. Listen to what some of our clients have to say.

With our remote working model you get the best of both worlds - unbelievable access to a talented 'joined-up' team and great pricing.

Case Studies

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