Start-up checklist

the dos and don'ts of starting your new business

Tips on safeguarding against the most common start-up mistakes

Checklist [PDF, 198KB]

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Web Foundry have years of experience in conceiving websites and applications for start-up projects, entrepreneurial groups and government sponsored high growth programmes.

Over the years, we have observed several common misperceptions and mistakes that businesses make in their infancy, ranging from a lack of investment in research and marketing to not seeking legal advice on data protection.

Our useful checklist highlights the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Start-up checklist

Set a realistic budget

Many entrepreneurs under-estimate the cost of taking their idea online. Getting it right first time takes more time than you might think, and you need to be prepared to test, iterate and test again.

Develop an Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Develop an early version of your product with sufficient features to satsify early adopters. Use feedback to adapt the product then test it again until it meets the needs of your customers.

Focus on marketing

Real world testing and marketing are often afterthoughts yet are key to viability, sustainability and growth. Ensure you invest as much in research and promotion as you do in development.

Do your research

Don't assume you know what your customers want, make sure you ask them. Define the problem your product is trying to solve and ask customers if it meets their needs.

Involve a competent lawyer

Getting a competent lawyer involved at an early stage is essential. Consider how you will protect your ideas, branding, content and data.

Card payments and data protection

If you're dealing with online payments, you should consider PCI DSS compliance as well as data protection policies for your user data.

Preparing for the worst

Consult your lawyer for advice on worst-case scenarios such as if a supplier goes out of business.

Control your budget

Manage your pojects properly and keep a tight rein on your budget. Keep some contingency in hand for the unexpected, but inevitable 'scope creep'.

How to avoid scope creep

Avoid or mitigate the impact of scope creep by tightening up your requirements and ensuring early buy-in from stakeholders.

The power of the web

The web provides a level playing field, where great ideas can flourish and where small budgets and entrepreneurs can punch well above their weight.

Use a Content Management System (CMS)

Modern CMS speed up the creation process, enabling faster working and prototype developments.

Agile working

Use agile development and management methodologies to keep things moving along swiftly.
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