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Quarterli is a custom build SaaS platform that helps business leaders work on their business rather than 'in' the business. Using a subscriber model, the user can create a new quarterly habit for themselves and their senior team. They can use the platform to measure senior team alignment and build a shared view of what needs to be done and keep everyone pulling in the same direction.

Quarterli Website



The pioneering Ampelius Trading website creates a Marketplace for the global energy industry, allowing services and parts to be traded in an easier and more competitive way. This custom build prototype provides the essential tools to test the business concept prior to rolling out advanced features.

The Ampelius Case Study

Lean Thinking

When you have grand designs for your new online business it's best to take a deep breath and pause.

What happens if it turns out that many of the assumptions you've based your business model on are wrong and unfounded?

This is why we advocate building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a pre-agreed set of assumptions that we will test, evaluate and iterate on during the course of our work together.

For more information read our white paper on Building a Minimum Viable Product.

Building an MVP (pdf)


Unlike an MVP, prototypes are a functioning mock-up of a website or key pages of it and used for testing among a control group prior to building a final production website.

We will work with you to map out important user journeys and features to form the basis of the prototype.

Once built, the prototype can be used to showcase to stakeholders, investors or to conduct user testing with your target audience.

Web Foundry builds its prototype in Adobe XD or Invision, and this way you can view the prototype in a browser and share with interested parties.

Mapping User Journeys (pdf )


Micro websites (or microsites) are small, simple websites, that are often built for a one-off purpose, such as promoting an event or to drive a recruitment campaign.

But they can also have a role as a temporary website, put in place while something more substantial is built in the background.

Hosted web builder solutions, such as Squarespace or Webflow are ideal for this as we can take care of the design, build, hosting and support in one, simple, integrated platform.

Planning a Mircosote (pdf)

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