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Business Solutions

Expert business solutions make the most of your existing resources and provide the power and flexibility for your business to grow. We’ll work with you to streamline your processes, so you can run a leaner, more efficient operation. Yes, we get excited about the technologies we use, but more so when we apply them to solve real business challenges and increase profitability.

Microservices Architecture

This sophisticated, scalable approach to software development offers huge advantages for complex and demanding technical projects. At Web Foundry we specialise in re-engineering existing monolith platforms and developing new systems based on microservices architecture solutions. Our strong technical team put your business objectives at the heart of the development, applying proven development techniques and wide ranging experience to create applications as suites of services. The modulability means fast, efficient development, with a quicker identification of bugs and errors. It also means systems that are much easier to maintain, with scalability and outstanding system resilience.

REST API Development services

We are experts in creating REST APIs for existing systems and platforms. Your business will benefit if you can make your platform's data and functionality available for other applications and platforms in the most efficient way possible. REST APIs allow for creating an interface which enables other systems and applications to integrate the data or functions of a particular platform. Web Foundry’s experienced developers will design and develop highly efficient REST APIs, providing comprehensive support every step of the way.

API Integration

At Web Foundry we specialise in integrating websites and applications with third-party service APIs, helping you to automate tasks on your website or application. The business benefits include improved efficiency, increased productivity and wider reach. A third-party API enables you to integrate data and functions from another application or website into yours. Once you connect your platform to a third-party API, you can take advantage of the services you need on your platform, such as payment integration.

Payment integration services

Integrating payments on your website means that users will have the ability to buy your products or services directly through your website. We have extensive experience in integrating different payment platforms on websites and applications. We have experience with Paypal, Sagepay, Worldpay and Stripe and more. We can advise you on which online payment gateway is most appropriate for your business. We will integrate your system with the chosen payment provider and offer ongoing support for increased efficiency. All our payment integrations are secure and protected by SSL certificates on your server.

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