Building a Minimum Viable Product.

Before you take your product to market, prove there is a genuine need for it first.



Testing your assumptions

When you build a product you make many assumptions. For example, you assume what your customers' needs are, the type of pricing structure you should adopt and which laws you should adhere to. The problem is, how do you know which of your assumptions is right?

Develop an early MVP version of your product with core features and put it in front of real users as soon as possible. Use this customer feedback to identify any unnecessary features that you can remove, or any missing features that you need to develop.

MVP Case Study - Ampelius Trading


Iterate to succeed

Be prepared to develop several versions of your product based on user feedback. Change features in increments so that you can easily identify weaknesses and improve the product accordingly.

Further information and handy hints on developing an MVP for your start-up idea are available in our White Paper:

Download our MVP white paper

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