Creating a Joomla website with ongoing front-end UX enhancements based on user needs.

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Custom online marketplace

The pioneering Ampelius Trading website creates a Marketplace for the global energy industry, allowing services and parts to be traded in an easier and more competitive way.

Discovery sessions to learn your business

The development of the Ampelius website required Web Foundry to get to know and understand the business in detail through a series of discovery sessions.

As no similar marketplace existed for the energy sector, we worked closely with the client, initially to identify what users would require of the site, and secondly to prototype various approaches to the marketplace, negotiations and contracting processes for the website.

We developed an MVP - Minimum Viable Product - with core features that we could present to early adopters. Through an iterative process over a period of months, the website functionality and workflow were tested and refined continuously.

Designing a user experience

Once the functionality of the site was finalised, Web Foundry created wireframes and designs for the front end user interface for the Marketplace, which quickly became the focal point of the site offering an “at a glance” dashboard view into the the latest offers and deals being made across the brokerage platform.

With the aim being to significantly increase the number of items available on the platform, Web Foundry developed a database architecture to allow the categorisation, searching and filtering of parts and services from the Marketplace in a range of ways.

Further, for administrators, the products can be managed by a custom management system built into the Joomla CMS. This gives Ampelius the control to manage the platform, from the marketplace to page content.

Iterative development

Ampelius Trading Ltd is now showcasing this new trading platform to the energy sector across the world at global energy conventions. Regular user sessions are held with a number of large energy businesses. We work closely with Ampelius on the results of these sessions and have formed a number of additional projects based around feedback sessions with users to improve the platform.

This iterative development based on real feedback from users maintains a cost effective investment with clear benefits to the users on the platform from the projects. These have included the development of a bulk import system, front end UX enhancements and continuous optimisation of the platform as the number of products and orders increase.

Ampelius Trading website

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    Constant user feedback drives ongoing improvements to this membership platform so that it meets user needs.

    Guide Price

    The most complex e-commerce applications can cost much more than standard websites. £30k+ is typical.

    How long?

    Multiple design and development sprints, spanning several months are required for bespoke e-commerce.


    • Web design
    • Joomla CMS
    • Custom template
    • CMS training
    • Consultancy
    • Hosting
    • Order management system

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