Thorn Grove

Building an Ofsted compliant website complete with easy to use WordPress CMS.

Thorn Grove Primary approached Web Foundry with a brief to bring their website up to speed and redesign the school logo which will feature on the uniform and throughout the school.

school brand and logo redesign

As a highly rated school, the headteacher of Thorn Grove, Sue Denford, wanted a website and 'brand' that would reflect the school's forward-thinking and innovative style of teaching, as well as showcase the fantastic facilities the school has to offer.

Web Foundry worked with Sue to create a new logo design, which then provided inspiration for the creative elements of the new website.

Getting to the know the school

After the initial consultation, we spent a day at the school to really get a flavour of what Thorn Grove is all about. Taking some photographs of the building, playground and outdoor areas and sitting in on some of the classes gave us great insight into the school's ethos and values, which we were then able to apply to the design process.

Initial concepts for the new website were presented and well received by the whole team at Thorn Grove. We also agreed on some new ideas for additional functionality such as the 'Gallery of Greatness' section and a 'Showstoppers' area to present outstanding examples of pupils' work. In addition, the school blog was migrated to the new site so that all updates can now be easily made from one location.

ofsted-compliant web design

Web Foundry is fully conversant with the statutory website requirements of Ofsted, specifically which documents need to be available and other key elements which will contribute to a school's overall Ofsted rating.

We provided a full breakdown of these requirements and worked closely with Thorn Grove to ensure the new school website ticked every single Ofsted box.

Easy updating tools

Following a detailed training session on the new Content Management System (CMS) and final check-through with Thorn Grove, the new website was made live and has been very well received by parents, staff, students and governors alike.

Content is now regularly updated by a core team of teachers and admin staff using easy updating tools in WordPress CMS. The website is also fully repsonsive which means that it can be updated from mobile devices and is easy to read on any screen size.

Web Foundry exceeded my expectations and delivered a website that now reflects the excellence that our school aims for.

Guide Price

An Ofsted compliant website, with complete re-branding and custom design can cost in the region of £4-6k

How long?

With a good content plan a highly polished school website can be delivered in under 8 weeks.


  • Branding
  • Ofsted Compliant
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Google Suite
  • Custom Design
  • Parent Logins
  • Sandbox Play Area

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