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Weaving intricate UX design into a WordPress website for UX experts.

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About User Visison

User Vision are user experience experts. They ensure that their clients' websites, apps, or other touchpoints, provide an experience that the customer enjoys. The ultimate aim is that customers will return to use these services again and again. User Vision offer advice and input into user research and strategy, customer journeys and accessibility.

The Objectives

By definition, User Vision required a website with an exemplary user experience and a design that passed all levels of accessibility tests.

The Technical Part

Web Foundry worked closely with User Vision to design a website that would demonstrate the kind of user experience User Vision's clients should expect. The design is slick, with a well balanced colour palette, and the user journey passed accessibility tests ensuring the experience was maximal. The website features a striking homepage slideshow and a modular design, utilising sub-menu access and structure throughout the site. Web Foundry built the site in Wordpress, developing the technical design brief into a reality. The site is fully responsive, providing the end-user with the same quality experience from whichever device they are using, whether that be from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

The Process

Web Foundry met with User Vision and discussed the requirements of the project. This was a constantly evolving project, with the design required to pass tests at various stages throughout the process. Once the designs were accepted, Web Foundry developed the site in the latest version of Wordpress, coding the custom CSS.

The Results

Web Foundry developed a modern, responsive website that promotes User Vision's status as user experience experts. User Vision can update the website with their latest news and articles from within the CMS admin panel. User Vision's website meets the goals of their business, and in turn will support User Vision in providing advice to help their clients reach their business goals too.

Guide Price

Custom Wordpress websites with multiple templates and high content volume have a broad price range, often in the region of £5-10k

How long?

The vast majority of Wordpress sites we design and develop are completed in under 6 weeks.


  • WordPress
  • UX design
  • Web design
  • Hosting
  • Template build
  • Image/graphical creation
  • Custom coding

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