Using Trello for project management and communication

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10 reasons we love Trello

Using Trello for project management and communication

At Web Foundry we manage internal resource and communications, project management, and now client support, in the online collaborative platform, Trello.

Here’s why.


1. Trello enables you to design and implement workflows and processes tailored to your needs. It’s flexibility means that we can customise any workflows to suit specific projects or clients needs.

2. Trello gives us consistency in our communication and a main channel through which our team can focus their attention. Unlike email, our conversations aren’t stuck in individuals inboxes, making collaboration easier.

3. We can utilise the Trello API, which means we can extend it and integrate with other systems. Soon our clients will be able to submit a ticket to Trello from their client dashboard on the Web Foundry website. Watch this space.

4. There’s a Trello app. So we can keep an eye on projects and support even if we’re on the move, and can manage our boards from any device.

5. With Trello you can choose who to share your boards with - and even control who can then edit and comment on particular cards. So we can have internal boards, personal boards, or boards we share and collaborate on with our clients.

6. The workflow we use on Trello involves our clients in our workflow and support process. So they know what the status of a task is just by looking at their Trello board - which updates in real time.

7. It’s searchable. We have a record of all issues / tasks / conversations that can be accessed again in the future by searching for key words, even if original collaborators are no longer involved.

8. Our clients like it - and some even use it for their own internal processes.

9. It has a great notifications system. A user can also choose the level they want to subscribe to. E.g. receive notifications / emails when anything is updated on the board; or only receive notifications / emails if you are directly tagged in a comment as a user.

10. By design, it is fun and simple to use!


Read more about Trello or sign up on their website.

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