8 trust signals to boost web conversions

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Trust signals on your website come in various formats and play an important part in convincing a prospect that your product is better than your competitor’s.  

Whether your objective is a sales transaction or business lead, you need a trustworthy site that puts the customer at ease when they browse your site and share their personal details with you.

There are a number of ways you can build trust, encourage better engagement and increase conversions rates for faster business growth.

1. Complete contact information

Populate your contact page with full details of your postal address, telephone numbers and email address, ensuring your details are consistent with any other citations across the web.

It is also helpful to include a Google map on your contact page clearly showing your location (you’ll need to create a Google My Business listing first) so that customers can easily find your premises.  

Featuring your phone number in a prominent position such us the header can increase conversions by 5%, helping to improve the user experience and boost your SEO.  

2. About us page

The ‘about’ page is your opportunity to explain your company’s purpose and brand values. Use multimedia such as images and video to get your message across and make your content more accessible and interesting.  

Including a sub section about your team with photos, job titles and a short bio about each staff member will add a human touch to your web presence and make your company appear approachable and customer friendly.

3. SSL secure

If your site isn’t already SSL secure, then you should upgrade it as soon as possible. Nothing will put a visitor off submitting their personal details on your site more than a ‘not secure’ warning in Chrome! Installing a certificate is easy and quick and Web Foundry can help you with this process. Once installed, the certificate ensures that any data entered on your site is encrypted and kept safe from hackers.

Example of the 'not secure' warning of an HTTP site in Chrome:

4. Case studies

An eye catching case studies page will help a prospect better identify with your product and provides evidence that your solution is a good fit with their needs. Ensure there are obvious calls to action on the page so that visitors can easily contact you for further information.

5. Testimonials

Any glowing feedback you have received should be a core feature on your site. Include any positive comments in a standalone testimonials page, or as part of the case studies section. Where possible, include the customer’s name, job title or industry for added credibility.

6. Reviews

Cherry picking your best feedback and featuring it on a testimonials page is great but you also need to include genuine reviews on your site. Platforms such as TrustPilot and Google My Business enable customers to leave honest feedback about your service and can be integrated into your site through a simple plugin.

Don’t fear negative feedback but instead respond promptly and courteously to it. This will show prospects that you take their feedback seriously and that you are implementing measures to resolve issues and improve your customer service.

7. Certifications, awards and memberships

Build trust by displaying any certifications, awards or professional memberships somewhere prominent on your site such as the homepage. These trustworthy third party badges will add weight to your credibility and clearly demonstrate any well-earned industry achievements.

8. Active social media presence

Social media is an open and transparent way to communicate with your fans, and provides an opportunity to demonstrate your high levels of customer service. You should regularly engage with followers by posting frequent updates and responding to comments and questions.

Implementing these trust signals on your site is a must. Are you ready to drive more web traffic and increase your conversion rates? Contact us today about growing your business with trust signals.

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