The benefits of Google AdWords for business

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What is Google AdWords and why should I spend money on it?

The benefits of Google AdWords for business

AdWords is the advertising platform provided by Google. It involves bidding against competing advertisers so that a clickable advert is shown on the results page when someone enters your keyword. You only pay for the advert when someone clicks on it, hence the term Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

Before Google delivers your ad, it will take into account competing bids and your quality score, which is determined by your click through rate (CTR) and the relevance of your ads and landing pages to your keywords.

Recent changes to AdWords

In 2016 Google made some changes to the way it displays paid ads. These included the removal of paid ads from the right sidebar of the results page and a limit to the number of paid ads that appear directly above and below organic results. The growing importance of local search now means that local results also appear before organic results.

All this means that users now have to scroll quite far down the page before they see the organic results. A typical search for a commercial product or service would look something like this:

Clearly businesses are increasingly reliant on AdWords to get the top position on search results. It is now the most dominant of all paid online advertising and accounts for two thirds of all search clicks (compared with one third for organic clicks). In plain English, this means that PPC advertising, and Google AdWords in particular, is the go-to platform if you want to be found and clicked on for commercial search terms.

Organic search is still important

Although paid ads appear on search results first, people still trust non-paid results to deliver the information they need. Marketers should take account of where buyers are in the purchasing funnel before deciding on a paid versus organic approach to their search strategy.

For targeted commercial searches (people looking to buy a product or service), Google will return more paid ads, pushing non-paid results further down the screen. People near the bottom of the purchasing funnel who are ready to buy your product are most likely to conduct this type of search. AdWords will therefore give you the best chance of cutting through competing results and delivering the maximum ROI.

For people at the top of the funnel, who tend to conduct discovery/informational search queries, the priority is raising awareness of your brand and offering. For this type of search query, Google will deliver fewer paid results, so you should focus on traditional search engine optimisation techniques rather than paid ads. These will deliver a high performing online experience and attract and convert more customers.

So what are the benefits of AdWords?


It’s a common misconception that AdWords is a money pit that will quickly engulf your marketing budget. The beauty of it lies in the control you have of your own ad spend with the ability to place daily or monthly limits at particular times of the day or week. Your only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and once you reach your daily limit, Google will stop serving your ads.


Google’s targeting options are very sophisticated and offer a number of ways to fine-tune your campaigns to maximise ROI. For example, with geo-targeting you choose to display your ads in specific areas such as a country, region, city or radius. You can target people searching for services in your chosen location even if they are not physically located in your target area.

It is also possible to optimise ads for mobile consumption - a particularly useful feature given the current exponential growth in mobile search.


Remarketing is another highly targeted way to promote your products or service. After a customer has visited a page on your website, you tell Google to display an advert for the product on its network of partner sites, i.e. the Google Display Network.

As these people are already engaged and ready to buy, remarketing is a great way to reinforce your message and keep your brand top of mind in their decision making process.  


If you’re a start-up or have a new product to promote, it can be tough competing with websites and products that are already well established on Google. AdWords enables you to reach the top of the search results and share space with the top domains, thus increasing your visibility in a short period of time.


AdWords is a highly transparent platform which enables you to track every aspect of your campaigns such as number of clicks, impressions, click through rate and cost per click. The dashboard is easy to navigate and provides flexible reporting systems which can be saved and auto generated, enabling you to present reports to clients and internal stakeholders quickly and easily.

Use the data to your advantage to continually refine and optimise your campaigns and implement conversion tracking to measure your ROI.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of Google AdWords. When done correctly, it can increase your exposure in a short period of time and position you alongside your competitors in Google search.

Ensure your ads are relevant to the keywords you’re targeting, and that the landing page content is relevant and well structured. Utilise all the features available such as ad extensions and device oriented bids to help increase your CTR.

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