New Year, New Business

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How to make money from your New Year business resolutions

New Year, New Business

As we roll into the new year, we see all the usual traits: new people in the workplace; people starting diets; others joining gyms...but did you know that January is the most common month for entrepreneurs to start a new business?

Why are so many new businesses registered in January?

In the first week of 2020 alone over 10,000 new businesses will be registered in the UK, a figure that rises every year at a rate of 10%. Many people I have spoken to have used the festive period break to think up new ideas for their start-up business, with the aim of putting their ideas into practice in January.

Most start-ups begin with a review of their online presence but very quickly become stuck - they are often trying to hold down a full-time job alongside their new venture and simply cannot manage both. We have seen this first-hand as 80% of our new clients are start-up companies.

Helping start-ups achieve their digital goals

As a full-service digital agency, many clients ask us to manage their entire digital suite to give them time to get their new business idea off the ground.

Clients also often ask for advice in other areas of starting a business such as law or HR, and although we are not experts in those fields, we can make recommendations or pass clients on to industry experts for professional help.

At Web Foundry, we have an experienced team who help start-ups on a daily basis. Whether you have a new project in mind or simply need advice to help you on your way, we are always available to talk to you.  

January focus on increasing sales

One of the most common questions we are asked in the new year from companies is “how do I get more business?”. In January this is the main focus of most businesses, especially in the non-retail sector.

Year on year we have seen that December is a poor trade month for many clients. Obviously this is not the best start to the new year for any business. After talking to customers and watching the news, I've seen that even retail businesses had a poor Christmas trading period, and a poor year of trade in general.

So how can you get more sales? Well, the number one option is digital marketing

Nearly all the new business requests we receive involve a mix of digital marketing services, including Google AdWords, Pay Per Click, SEO Optimisation, Social Media Engagement Projects and Social Media Marketing and Advertising.

We explain to clients how these services are beneficial to their business and confirm a budget they are willing to spend. We then complete a full audit of their website and make a series of recommendations to maximise ROI.

We work with multiple clients and manage projects spanning a wide range of marketing spend, delivering great results for all. We manage all aspects of projects, providing reports and regular meetings to update clients on performance and how their money is being used.

So, do you want more sales for your business? Contact us now!

If you have any questions or would like a free audit of your website please, get in touch - we would be happy to help.

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