How long does it take to build a website?

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How long will it take to design and build my website?

How long does it take to build a website?

We are often asked this question by potential clients and the answer is always the same: it depends on many factors that can change the timeline massively.

We deal with a multitude of cross-sector clients ranging from brand new start-ups to multinational retailers, all with different budgets and goals. Websites with dynamic content, advanced functionality and design input will take longer to build than a standard brochure style website. From our experience and taking into account clients from both ends of the spectrum, a website will take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6+ months to build. On average 70% of our projects are completed within 1-2 months, from project sign-off to going live.

What to consider when choosing a web designer

Before you select a web design agency, especially one that has promised they can build your new site quicker than all the rest, there are a few things to consider. Is the timeline realistic in light of your requirements? Have you seen examples of previous work? Can they provide references from clients? Taking all this into account will help you select a reliable partner for your project.

So how long will it take to build my website?


A typical 2-week project for us would be a package website aimed at new start-ups with a restricted or small budget. These websites are simpler in design and functionality which means we can complete the work at a quicker pace. Bigger websites with more complex functionality tend to be for larger companies and will take a lot longer to build. For example, we recently built a website for the Peel Group with third party sale software that had to be integrated via a custom-built API. Given the complexity of the website and level of testing required, it took over six months to complete this project.


We always tell clients our timescales are estimated and the project could finish earlier or later depending on how soon different stages of the project are signed off. Many clients tell us they want their website completed as quickly as possible and this is an understandable request given they are excited to get things moving. However I always like to be open with clients about the time that will be required to deliver a project to the required quality.


Designing and building a new website requires a level of input from the client and there are certain things that only the client can provide. These include content, feedback, testing functionality and attending review meetings. Clients tend to be busy running their business and may occasionally find it hard to respond to us. By facilitating communication channels using online collaboration tools such as Trello and Skype, we involve clients at all stages of the process and make as easy as possible for them to provide feedback and keep in touch with us.


Occasionally clients reveal that they thought using a freelance designer would be a quicker solution to their problem. They then discover through experience that despite being cheaper, the freelance designer was working on multiple projects and was consequently unable to respond to their emails. At Web Foundry you will be assigned a project manager with a dedicated team of experts working with you every step of the way. This streamlined approach ensures a better quality of service meaning your project will be completed to agreed timescales.

Need help building your start-up website? Does your existing website need a design refresh? Web Foundry can help! We have completed hundreds of websites over our 11 years in business. Contact us for more information on building and improving your online presence.

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