Grow your business with Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

Grow your business with Google Analytics

Once your website is up and running, it’s important to keep a close eye on things with Google Analytics, especially if you have goals that you want to achieve.

A website is no longer just a static page of information; it is about interaction and user experience, which often includes calls to action.

The call to action could be to encourage people to download a file, or to sign up for a newsletter or make an enquiry. Your website may look like the bees knees, but you’ll need to dig a little deeper to discover the honey pot of data on your visitors.


An essential aspect of marketing is acquisition and businesses often make the mistake of assuming what the best sources are to send traffic to their website. It’s a good idea to be active on social media, but if the purpose of this is to bring people to your site, then the figures should reflect a respectable percentage of traffic coming straight from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks you use.

You may also find that having a business listing on a popular website may help drive traffic. Sometimes this could be in the form of a blog written by someone else that mentions your site and leads to a spike in traffic. If one site, in particular, brings good traffic, then you could work on how this could be improved further. Also, it’s important to check on the search queries people have used to reach your site and make updates to your search engine optimisation (SEO) by updating meta tags and descriptions.

If you are currently running marketing campaigns, then Google Analytics is useful for monitoring how effective these have been. For example, if you run Google AdWords campaigns, you can link this to your Analytics account and see how many click-throughs have converted into sales.

Visitors to your site may land on various pages first, rather than your homepage and it’s important to see which pages have the highest bounce rate. If more than 50% of visitors are clicking away from your site upon landing on a page, then delve deeper to discover why that may be. It could be down to slow loading time or even that the content is not relevant to them.


Google Analytics can determine the location of your visitors and can provide information on the age range and even their interests. You can also set up alerts for data trends in the intelligence events section and see who's on your site right now with the Real-time reporting section. Knowing your audience and the peak times they view your site is essential for acquiring future customers who are similar to them.

Mobile optimisation is crucial to all websites now, and this could be leading to a high bounce rate. Google Analytics shows you the devices, operating system and browser people are using to view the site. Therefore, your website must be functional and easy to use across multiple devices. If someone with an iPhone has to pinch and zoom to read your page, then this may lead to them going elsewhere.

Working on your website can help to turn people into loyal customers and see who is new and returning to the site. It’s also important to spot unusual activity as spambots can sometimes affect your site’s figures and impact on the results. These can be blocked out as well as your IP address and people who work for you, as your frequent trips to the site for testing, etc. would otherwise skew your results.


One of the key features of Google Analytics is the behaviour user flow. This feature enables you to see what pages people land on and where they tend to click through to next. It is represented in a visual graphic and can provide you interesting insights into how the user understood your content and what calls to action are working well. Some warning signs to look out for are short visitor duration periods and lower than average page views. If there is a frequent route, most visitors take to reach your goal, then work out how to nurture that and remove possible barriers some may experience.

Google Analytics is perfect for monitoring your website traffic and interpreting the results of your marketing goals and KPIs. It’s a good idea to set up goals within it, which you may want to improve on over a monthly/annual period. Goals may include data such as improving the average time spent on a page, completing a transaction on an e-commerce site, subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a free guide. You can even track how many people click relevant links within your newsletter.

It is useful to download results and produce reports straight from Google Analytics, but you could cherry pick what’s important to you for your report. To find out more about Web Foundry and how we could help get the most out of Analytics and optimise your site’s performance, please contact us at or call 0131 667 0997.

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