Email marketing tips for hotels

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Automated emails your hotel should be sending

Email marketing tips for hotels

Hotel technology is becoming more sophisticated with a growing number of guests doing their research and managing bookings on their mobiles.

As technology evolves, so does the number of touchpoints available for you to connect with customers.

Email marketing is a great way to communicate directly with guests. With carefully written content and a strategic approach to your email campaigns, you can up-sell services, increase user engagement and maximise the chances of repeat bookings.

Automate your campaigns with triggered emails

Triggered emails are generated from a consumer action such as a hotel booking or cancellation. They take into account user data and behaviour making them more relevant, timely and valuable than non-triggered batch emails. As such, they generate 50% higher open rates, leading to increased conversion rates and a better customer experience.

Examples of triggered emails include check-in or check-out emails, birthday or anniversary emails and cart abandonment campaigns. Such emails have become standard practice in the hotel industry and once configured, can be automated so that you are able to concentrate on higher priority issues.

6 types of triggered emails that will increase conversions and save you time


When a new user subscribes to your newsletter, blog or site, set up an auto-responder email thanking them for signing up. Use this opportunity to provide further information about your services and include obvious social share buttons so that subscribers can spread the word to others.

This example from jetBlue thanks the subscriber for joining their list and outlines all the benefits of their email programme including great offers and promotions, travel inspiration, and more.


Check-in emails are a great way to showcase your facilities including restaurant opening times and menus which will encourage guests to book in advance. Send a post-stay survey to customers after they visit to gather feedback while their experience is still top of mind. Invite comments on the quality of their experience, the services offered and any suggestions for improvement.


Recapture a lost customer with a carefully formulated abandonment strategy. For example, you could send a friendly reminder three hours after anyone abandons their cart. Follow up with another email two to five days after abandonment and feature an offer to encourage them to book.

This example from Millennium Hotels and Resorts draws attention to the abandoned room with a simple headline. The subscriber is provided with an option of confirming the reservation or ‘search again’, in case of any problem.


If a guest books a spa treatment, send them a confirmation email with a special promotion for the hotel shop or an additional spa service at a reduced rate. Run a loyalty scheme so that each time a guest uses a facility, you can email them with an update on their current points status.


Send an anniversary email to guests who have stayed with you before to remind them of the great time they had when they last visited. Offer a discount or restaurant incentive to encourage those guests to book again.

Another option is to send guests an exclusive deal for their birthday such as a free bottle of wine with dinner. Include a custom field in the subject line or body copy such as the recipient's first name which will help to grab their attention.

The design of this personalised birthday email from Omni Hotels & Resorts is clean and simple and effectively draws attention to their offer.


Use revival campaigns to re-engage with anyone who hasn’t booked for a while. Remind guests of all the facilities you provide and mention any upcoming offers, or feature a bespoke offer to incentivise a repeat visit.

Tiggered emails are a low-cost yet powerful marketing tactic that can save you time and boost customer engagement.

Need help automating your emails? Get in touch to discuss how we can help you drive more bookings to your hotel with triggered email marketing.

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