10 easy ways to increase online sales in 2020

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1. Identify your buyer personas 

Understanding your buyer needs and providing a solution to their particular problem is essential if you want to convince prospects your product is better than your competitor’s. A one-size-fits-all approach to marketing is a risky strategy as being too generic could result in you missing key groups in your target market. 

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and actual data about your existing customers. Personas help you customise your messaging towards fulfilling the need of the user so that you are able to provide the right content at the right stage of the sales funnel. This in turn will make the user more likely to buy from you as you have built sufficient brand awareness and trust to convince them that your product is the right choice for them. 

If you need help developing buyer personas for your business, Hubspot provide a useful guide to help you get the process started.

2. Build trust with reviews and case studies

The importance of online reviews and their influence on the buyer decision making process has never been greater. There is now an abundance of online platforms where customers can leave feedback on their recent product experiences. From Google Reviews and Yelp to Feefo and TrustPilot, users will research the options available and base their decision on what other customers have said about you.  

Showcase your feedback with a plugin or dynamic feed to your preferred review platform and position it prominently on your website. 

Another way to build trust is to include case studies of recent work which will help the user identify with your service and understand how it addresses their problem. 

Read more about the importance of trust signals for your website.

3. Reduce friction in the checkout process

When people shop online they want to do so as quickly as possible with minimum effort. You need to make the process seamless so that users don’t get frustrated and abandon your site mid way through a transaction, resulting in a poor user experience and lost sales. 

There are a number of ways to reduce friction in the checkout process. For example, keep the number of form fields to a minimum and offer guest checkout options so that users are not obliged to register thus reducing the time required to complete the transaction. You could also include a progress indication on checkout pages so users know exactly how far through the process they are, and more importantly how far away from completion they are. 

4. Provide as many payment options as possible

Customers have more choice than ever before when it comes to online payment and you need to reflect that flexibility in your ecommerce store. 

Apple Pay, Stripe, PayPal, WePay, GoogleCheckout…the options are varied and many don’t require the customer to enter card details so they are becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst mobile users. They may be more of a hassle to implement when setting up your site, but you’ll reap the benefits in the long term as these systems create a seamless user experience, resulting in higher conversions and happier customers all round. 

5. Be honest about your pricing

As well as researching reviews about your company, prospects will want to compare your pricing structure with the competition to determine how affordable your product is. If you don’t publish your costs, visitors may assume your services are too expensive which will put them off contacting you. Do you really want to lose potential new customers in this way without having had the opportunity to engage with them first?

A clear pricing strategy will make you appear honest and transparent and is a great way to target your ideal client type. It can also eliminate any awkward conversations surrounding budgets further down the line. 

6. Implement tiered pricing

If you have reservations about publishing exact costs due to their limited flexibility, then tiered pricing could be the solution for you. 

A tiered strategy would typically include three price ranges and corresponding levels of service that provide the flexibility to target customers on varied budgets. This approach will make your offering more accessible as it creates a lower barrier to entry which will help you attract more new customers.

7. Harness the power of pop-ups

If you’re looking to increase sales online, don’t forget the power of a pop-up window to encourage people to sign up to your loyalty scheme or mailing list. It’s a quick and easy way to build your database, enabling you to target prospects with future offers and promotions. 

Another option is to deliver an exit intent pop-up to users who are about to navigate away from your site. Hook them in with a money off voucher code or discount option if they sign up to your newsletter. 

There are many ways to be creative with pop-ups as a way of converting customers but remember to use them sparingly so that you don’t harm the user experience and drive people away from your site.  

8. Explain your value proposition clearly on your homepage

It’s very easy to become self-focused and assume that customers and prospects share the same level of knowledge and insight about your company as you and your staff. Don’t expect users to second guess your product function or benefits. 

A value proposition is a clear statement that explains how your product solves the customer’s problem, what its benefits are and how it sets you apart from the competition. 

Provide an obvious proposition on your homepage so that visitors can immediately determine the relevance of your product. This will spark interest in your company and encourage the user to navigate around your site to discover more information about your product and ultimately lead to more sales.

9. Add videos

Video marketing is a useful way to demonstrate the benefits of highly technical products such as software or interactive online tools. It helps to explain your product in a user friendly way and can be more effective than text for simplifying complex messages. 

There are many benefits of video marketing such as its positive impact on search engine results and potential to improve brand awareness and increase conversion rates. According to some of the biggest online retailers including Amazon and eBay, adding a video to a product description can increase sales by up to 35%.

10. Install live chat

Live chat is quick and easy to install and provides an immediate way to engage with customers. By responding to user needs real-time, you reduce the volume of emails and phone calls to your sales team, allowing them to focus on higher priority tasks. This creates a positive impression of the level of customer service you provide, leading to a higher volume of positive reviews and an increased conversion rate.

As you are resolving queries with the customer while they are still online, there is a higher chance the customer will convert than if they were to wait for an email response from you, by which time they will have left your site, significantly reducing the likelihood of a conversion. 


Many of these tools and techniques are easy to implement and will help you convert more visitors to paying customers. Web Foundry provides web conversion optimisation services to increase sales from your website. Contact an expert to start converting more customers today. 

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