10 benefits of social media marketing for business

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Why social media is good for business

10 benefits of social media marketing for business

Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses to reach customers and prospects. A whopping 64% of the UK population are active social media users, providing businesses with instant communication channels and valuable insight into consumer behaviour.

Clearly, social media is no longer optional if businesses want to stay ahead of the game, increase brand exposure and gain new customers.

Building a meaningful and recognisable presence takes time but with perseverance, the benefits are worth it.


1. Increase brand awareness & loyalty

One of the most obvious benefits of social media is building brand awareness. With a social media presence, you make it easier for customers to find and connect with you. It is also an opportunity for new customers to discover your company when you appear in their newsfeed because someone else has liked your update. Build a relationship with your followers and they will become loyal fans.

2. Humanise your brand

Social media humanises your brand and enables you to showcase your company’s personality. People prefer to deal with a human rather than a faceless corporation so by projecting your personality onto your news feed, customers are more likely to interact with you.

How do you humanise your brand?

  • Be consistent in your tone and fit the perception you want to give about your brand
  • Interact with your followers: respond to comments, like and share others’ content and engage in conversations that are taking place at both a company and industry level
  • Try not to schedule all your posts in advance so that you can you react to things in the moment and provide timely and relevant content

3. Gain valuable customer insights

The main social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer a wealth of data about your followers such as age, location and interests. They also have inbuilt analysis tools which enable you to drive smarter business decisions.

For example, when you promote a product on a social channel you may discover that most of your likes for the product belong in a particular age group or geographical location. This will guide your marketing efforts and help you make adjustments so you are speaking to the right audience.

4. Build authority

Social media can help you establish authority in your field. Share relevant content, answer questions and become the go-to resource of industry news and advice for your target audience. Provide this information and the loyal fans will come.

5. Increase web traffic

According to data from Shareaholic, social media drives 31% of web traffic. Whenever you write a new blog post or add a news item to your website, share the updates on social media and start to generate traffic to your site. Remember not to be overly promotional with your news feed though otherwise you will drive people away. Provide a good mix of updates and promote the content of others as well as your own.

6. Improve conversion rates

Hubspot report that social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate. This is no surprise given that social media enables you to build loyalty and relationships with would-be customers, helping to instill trust in your brand that will drive conversions and sales.

7. Deliver targeted ads

Social media enables you to distribute targeted content to the right audiences. For example with a LinkedIn ad campaign you can segment your audience by job title, company, industry or location. You set your own budget and get real time performance metrics so you can adjust settings to make your campaigns run more efficiently.

Other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook provide similar geo-targeting opportunities that will help you communicate the right kind of content to your audiences. The highly targeted nature of these advertising campaigns makes them more effective and cost-efficient than a traditional approach to marketing.

8. Monitor your competitors

Social media enables you to monitor what kind of activity your competitors are engaging in. Track your competitors’ post to see what gets the most engagement. Use the information to guide your own content, without copying their activity, and identify any potential gaps you could fill with your own content. Sprout provides a useful analysis tool to help monitor your competitors’ news feeds.

9. Enhance your SEO

Search engines now look beyond traditional on-page optimisation techniques in order to calculate their rankings and will consider social media presence as a significant factor. Being active on social media acts as a signal to search engines that your brand is legitimate and trustworthy.

10. Provide great customer service

Given that social media is available 24/7, it enables you to have constant communication with customers. It helps keep your brand top of mind amongst customers and provides a quick and easy way to respond to queries.

The numerous benefits of social media marketing prove that it really does work as a marketing tool. It takes time to build followers and establish your profile, and requires an ongoing commitment to providing fresh content, but the effort is worth it.

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