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Mobile Apps for businesses.

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the two main operating systems you’ll use on your mobile devices, be it smartphones or tablets. While Android is getting more popular by the day, iOS needs no introduction. Both of these operating systems lead the mobile market today and chances are that if one is key to your mobile strategy, then the other should also be present.


In partnership, we’ll deliver everything you need - from the concept, user experience and visual design to full development of the Android version of the app. Apps often rely on information from the wider web. We can help connect an Android app to web services. What’s more, if a web service is needed but doesn’t exist we can develop it.

It is important to decide in advance what you need the app to do and what your results criteria will be. At Web Foundry, we’ll ensure that it delivers on all fronts. We can also help define the business goals, concept, visual design, development and launch of your app on Google Play. With us, it’s all part of our web service.


iOS apps can be a key aspect of your mobile strategy, gaining recognition, promoting interaction and receiving attention for your brand from your users, 24/7. Want to increase your business presence? There’s an app for that.

Web Foundry can help with the development of the mobile strategy, concept, visual design and the development of iOS apps. Whether your iOS app is complex and supports functionality critical to your organisation or has a key role to play as part of a multi-channel marketing campaign, Web Foundry will work in partnership with you to originate and develop the ideal app.

The key areas of any iOS project include: user experience, design, stability, safety and good project management. Our teams have a proven development process to make apps that deliver results by ensuring that strategy, concept, user experience, visual design, development and support all compliment each other.

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The business case for mobile apps

The business case for mobile apps

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