Joomla web design and development

Joomla web design and development

Web Foundry can create a bespoke design website using the flexible and powerful Joomla CMS. Joomla is a great choice when you need a lot of functionality, without compromising performance or blowing the budget.

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Working with Joomla for 10 years.

Few web designers can match Web Foundry for Joomla experience. We have worked with the CMS since version 1.0 and have created hundreds of Joomla sites, from simple to highly custom.
Joomla web design by Web Foundry

Joomla - Key Features

  • Mobile friendly
  • +10,000 extensions
  • Complete control over design
  • Fast & Powerful
  • Easy to administrate

Full Feature List

Web Foundry are experienced Joomla website developers, with in-house expertise in all aspects of Joomla Web Design and support.

With many Joomla website projects under our belt, we have over 10 years’ experience and a team of Joomla Developers who have worked on projects of all sizes, meaning we are the ideal partner for you, whether that be to develop a new Joomla website or support your current website.

As an open source platform, Joomla is now more stable than ever and has multiple features which make is easy to use and administer.

The Joomla Content Management system is built on top of the Joomla Framework. Just like any other PHP framework it gives us as developers all the freedom we need to build in additional or bespoke features as required.

Mobile ready

Joomla is the only CMS out of the big 3 that is mobile ready. Both the front end and backend are fully responsive meaning your new Joomla website will be viewable on all devices including mobile and tablet as well as providing the ability to manage the content on your website via mobile.

Single-click updates

Joomla and installed extensions can be updated very easily from within the administration panel. Joomla will support previous major versions for a minimum of 18 months beyond the release of a new major version, however as new versions are released, updates to the newer versions are done with a single click. This means you can rest assured that your site will always be up to date on the newest version of Joomla, ensuring your site is 100% secure and has all the latest features included.

Granular user access controls

Joomla has predefined access levels meaning you have the ability to fine tune user access by creating new user groups and access permissions easily and seamlessly via the administration panel.


Joomla is proven to be SEO friendly and in developing your new Joomla website we will ensure that all the boxes are “ticked” from a Google perspective.

Web Foundry ensure that your new site has the best possible chance of ranking organically by creating Search Engine friendly URLS, guiding you in terms of how to construct the text content and ensuring all the other essential elements are presents such as Meta Descriptions, Images tags and more.

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Websites we have built with Joomla

Tailwind Solutions

Tailwind Solutions specialises in the creation of point of sale mounting solutions for card payment machines, tablets and technologies. This Joomla website includes bespoke product selector and CRM integration.

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Chester Hotel

This Joomla website features visually impactful design that reflects the stylish, contemporary feel of the hotel. The site is very interactive and includes an integrated booking engine and 360 degree panoramas which can be easily updated in the CMS.



The Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) works to adapt Scotland’s businesses and living environment to climate change. This Joomla website features a projects database, integrated maps and Geo data.

read more about CSGN >

Atmos Consulting

Atmos Consulting is a leading environmental consultancy firm with offices in Edinburgh, Inverness, and Mold. This Joomla website features custom responsive template and directory of services. Web Foundry provides a full range of support and maintenance service.



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