Discovery sessions

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We hold discovery meetings in the early stages of a project to explore your business goals and needs

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Understanding your needs

At the start of every project we hold discovery sessions to gain an in-depth understanding of your market positioning, competitive advantages and core competencies.

Together we will review your existing marketing plan and revenue objectives, internal competencies, interests and resources. We will then decide on how to effectively communicate your sales message and drive improved engagement and leads.

Throughout the sessions, we encourage you to be vocal and involved. Armed with your feedback, we can start to build prototypes and formulate an initial plan that will fit with your specific needs.

Discovery sessions: what's involved?

How long does a discovery session take?

Each session takes approximately 2 - 3 hours. Web Foundry will email a session agenda in advance so that those attending have time to adequately prepare.

How many sessions will there be?

We will normally hold two discovery sessions covering:

  • Marketing - setting realistic and measurable objectives
  • Site structure - content planning and SEO
There may be additional sessions required depending on the complexity of your product and needs.

Who should attend?

Decision makers and other stakeholders should be available for all or some of the sessions, to ensure that the required information can be uncovered and discussed openly.

Who will facilitate?

Web Foundry will run the session, keeping the discussions on-topic and ensuring that the required information and insights are discovered. We aim to make the sessions ‘hands-on’ and practical.

What will we discuss?

Topics covered will include:


  • Background & objective
  • Target audience: personas & user stories
  • Competitor environment
  • Branding
  • Communication plan

Site structure:

  • Site structure plan & content planning
  • Design & Functionality
  • CMS choices & review of options
  • Hosting, domains, email & security
  • Maintenance
  • Online promotion and SEO
Web Foundry guided me through several discovery sessions and challenged my ideas and assumptions. We decided to build a fully working prototype to test our thinking before scaling up development and taking to market.

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