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When you need to grow your business we can partner with you to drive relevant traffic to your website. We analyse the web stats, optimise pages for search and develop a systematic approach to content marketing that will promote your reputation. Not only do we pay attention to the detail, we also develop meaningful strategies too, so that the detail really works.


Knowing where to put the effort is critical for all marketing activity. We take time to understand your business and develop a digital marketing strategy that can provide a solid base for your campaigns and activities. This is foundational. Where the strategy is flawed outcomes will be limited. However, where marketing activities flow from real business knowledge and sound analysis, your business will benefit and grow.

Content Marketing

Exceptional content can set you apart as leaders in your field, but it needs to be used effectively. A well designed content marketing plan will maximise the impact of your messages and enable business growth. Our content marketing services will help you to realise the full potential of every piece of content you create. And we can help you with the content too – blogs, infographics, photography, video and more.

Web Foundry used content marketing to increase web traffic and improve SEO for a leading Edinburgh hotel. Read more in our content marketing case study.


Email marketing remains a highly effective route whether marketing to businesses or consumers. Despite the growth of social media, email continues to be a major channel for connecting with new and existing customers. If you are looking for an email marketing agency we can help. We will create campaigns that work, ensuring that you measure success to continually improve your email communications.

Social Media Marketing

Because social media is currently so popular, many companies choose to invest in it without a clear plan of action. What happens? Much of their effort is wasted. Our social media marketing services focus on targeted planning coupled with expert execution. We create sharable content then deliver it through the right channels to reach your target audiences. And guess what? We get results.

Search Marketing

A prominent position on Google can be business gold-dust. Getting found through organic and paid search can grow an existing business or launch a new one. Here at Web Foundry we have reached the top spot in organic search for one of our most important keyword phrases: 'web design Wilmslow'. Read our 7 step guide to how to dominate the top position in Google.

So Search Engine Optimisation is not really an add-on, but an essential for most online businesses.

If you need reliable, tried and tested SEO services, just call us. We’ll help you understand on page optimisation and the other critical activities such as site structure, link building and content creation. What’s more, we’ll provide SEO consulting as part of the whole web development project – by far the most effective route to good optimisation.

Google Analytics

Underpinning every aspect of digital marketing is data. We know this, so we collect stats, measure and analyse. We use the data to improve your business and then we do it again. And again. That’s how web analytics works. It’s not a one off, but a continual process of paying attention to what works and what doesn’t.

Web Foundry guided me through several discovery sessions and challenged my ideas and assumptions. We decided to build a fully working prototype to test our thinking before scaling up development and taking to market.

Content Marketing Case Study

Web Foundry devised a content marketing campaign to increase web traffic and improve SEO for a leading Edinburgh hotel.

The Bruntsfield Hotel, part of the Queensferry group, operates in a highly competitive market place in Scotland's popular capital city.

To drive more traffic to the website and improve the hotel's Google visibility, we delivered keyword research, a blog and an interactive social media campaign, with interesting results.

Content Case Study

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