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Enhancing the functionality of this Joomla website to improve UX and drive more sales.

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Tailwind Solutions Website

Tailwind Solutions is a company which specialises the creation of point of sale mounting solutions for card payment machines, tablets and technologies. They provide their solutions all around the world with the aim of bringing an efficient, secure and pleasant check out experience in business environments.


Tailwind Solutions came to Web Foundry in November 2014 in order to improve their current Joomla website and to support their marketing strategy, with an initial focus on the product section. The aim was to enhance their website with a marketing-focused approach on their whole product catalogue as well as to emphasise the different types of product that they offer.

After a full homepage redesign using the existing brand guidelines, individual product landing pages were enhanced to include a photo gallery, related products and compatible devices. In addition, a new landing page was created for their security products and a blog section was implemented – the latter successfully helped drive traffic to the website and backlinks when posts get featured.

The global exposure of the products is now reflected thanks to a gallery section showing the solutions installed all around the world and the events Tailwind Solutions have been involved in.


The main new feature was the development of a custom interactive product selector. This enables the user to go through a selection process and find the specific solutions for their payment device and to meet their wider requirements. The product selector filters through the whole Tailwind Solutions product range, benefitting customers and Sales teams, and in turn increasing sales enquiries through the site - the ultimate aim of the website.


Web Foundry received a brief from Tailwind Solutions’ Marketing Manager for a range of requirements based on improving the existing site and making it easier and more suitable for marketing. The key aim was to increase enquiries made through the site, from making Tailwind Solutions’ products more accessible to users.


Web Foundry provided a specification and cost for making the updates and once approved designs were produced for the homepage alterations, and an interactive prototype was created prior to the build of the product selector. Once the design phase was approved, the development was carried out.

On completion, Web Foundry met with the client to go over how they could keep the new pages and features up to date using Joomla, and also provided training documentation to support this.


The updates operated by Web Foundry showed results in a short period of time, Tailwind Solutions reported an increase in product enquiries since the changes went live at the end of April 2015 and were very happy about all the enhancements brought by a marketing-focused approach. Web Foundry has an ongoing relationship with Tailwind Solutions: they plan to develop the website further, by translating it into different languages to reach new markets.

Services Provided & Tech Stack
  • Custom development
  • Email marketing
  • CMS training
  • Web Design
  • Prototype design

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The Content Writer

The client's in-house writer has access to write and save draft content to the website. The content can be reviewed and approved and then published my an authorised manager.

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