Roke Research

Upgrading a Joomla website for Roke Research Quick, simple and cost-effective.

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Roke Research

ROKE contacted us through our website as they required their Joomla website migrating from the outdated version 1.5 to the latest version in the Joomla 3 series.

With ten years of experience working with Joomla we can be relied upon to upgrade and secure your website quickly and effectively. Initially a full audit of the Joomla 1.5 website was carried out to review the extensions used on the platform. This process ensures any functionality is retained in the upgraded site. Our experienced Joomla developers then completed the migration to the latest Joomla version, ensuring the template and extensions were compatible, whilst maintaining the existing content.

The process was simple and fast. ROKE then had an upgraded website with enhanced security and a modernised, responsive administrator interface making it easier for them to manage their website going forwards.

Services Provided & Tech Stack
  • Migration of all content
  • Mobile-friendly
  • No downtime for client
  • On time and on budget
  • Extensions updated
  • Back-ups performed
  • Fast, fuss-free service

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Reporting Engine
Put your admin team in control of membership expiry, payments, analytics and much, more more.
Access Control Lists
Place members into groups to control what they can see or do.
Downloadable Reports
The client can view reports to show user activity, such as top products, abandoned carts, sales, shipping status and much more.
Responsive Design
The website looks spiffing on just about every device. Google also likes this feature and rewards the client with an improved ranking in their search result pages.
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The Chief Executive

Can get quick access to critical reports and the shared view of her management team

The Content Writer

The client's in-house writer has access to write and save draft content to the website. The content can be reviewed and approved and then published my an authorised manager.

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