Ongen - a disruptive brand in the energy market

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Ongen needed to communicate and demonstrate its powerful proposition via its new website.

It's not easy being the new kid on the block, especially when you have a new solution to an age old problem and you need to change opinions and get people to embrace a new way of thinking and a new brand.

Web Foundry was tasked with bringing this new brand to the online market, designing a building an interactive tool that could be used by businesses to evaluate their commercial energy requirements and assess costs.

The website has to evoke an environmentally-friendly mindset and ethos, be easy to navigate and crucially, get across the core message of the business.

WordPress website with custom integrations to bespoke software

Web Foundry worked with Ongen over several phases of development, to both implement a custom theme design and then to integrate the site with third party software used in the back end calculation of energy prices.

This is a bespoke WordPress website that uses custom coding and third party plugins to deliver a set of business processes and enable users to estimate energy costs for their business.

Services Provided & Tech Stack
  • WordPress web design
  • Animations
  • Integrations to third party custom software
  • Project Management
  • Technical SEO
  • Hosting
  • Ongoing Maintenance
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Online Registration
Members can register and renew online. Expiry control, reports and notifications.
Member Only Pages
Create member only sections or pages and restricted access content.
Interactive Map
Overlay your events or business locations on an embedded Google map
Downloadable Reports
The client can view reports to show user activity, such as top products, abandoned carts, sales, shipping status and much more.
Responsive Design
The website looks spiffing on just about every device. Google also likes this feature and rewards the client with an improved ranking in their search result pages.
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The Chief Executive

Can get quick access to critical reports and the shared view of her management team

The Buyer

The buyer can search for products quickly using their web browser. Products are organised into categories, and buyers can search and collate results for multiple items.

The Member

The member can login to the website and view member-only content. Members can belong to different groups, each with varying levels of permission and access.

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