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New Night Consulting

A mobile-friendly B2B site to promote business consultancy.

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New Night Consulting

The brief: keep it simple, using visual metaphors for the important business messages.


Simplicity in design is key to the successful communication and in this website each section leads with a different theme that is reflective in its tone. Visual and message work hand in hand to successfully project the philosophy and services of the business.


One of the more simple web builds in recent times, using the Wordpress CMS coupled with a responsive template framework.


The site is securely hosted on the dedicated Web Foundry cloud server.

Services Provided & Tech Stack
  • Web design
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Build
  • Image manipulation (Photoshop)
  • Project management
  • Hosting
  • Domain management
  • Gsuite setup and email services
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Reporting Engine
Put your admin team in control of membership expiry, payments, analytics and much, more more.
Responsive Design
The website looks spiffing on just about every device. Google also likes this feature and rewards the client with an improved ranking in their search result pages.
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The Chief Executive

Can get quick access to critical reports and the shared view of her management team

The Content Writer

The client's in-house writer has access to write and save draft content to the website. The content can be reviewed and approved and then published my an authorised manager.

Guide price and project duration

Without breaking any client confidentiality we aim to provide a guide as to relative cost and duration of a project compared to our 'typical' project. Therefore, a project with a high price and duration of more than 8 weeks, would indicate a project of substantial complexity and time investment.

To get a quick estimate cost for your own project please contact sales using the link below. Please add as much detail as possible or request a call back to discuss.

Please estimate my project

Web Foundry helped me build a website that suits me perfectly. They were flexible and adaptable during construction and left me with pages that I can modify and update easily when I want to. Their processes are efficient. They leave me in peace but are there if I need them.

Michael Newman
Consultant Director