INAA Membership Portal

Creating a worldwide member directory to enhance cross-border relationships.

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INAA Membership Portal

The International Association of Accountants and Auditors (INAA) consists of independent accounting firms committed to delivering the highest levels of professional service all over the world. Helping businesses with cross-border accounting and taxation issues, their phenomenal success is a direct result of the close relationships between its members.


INAA member firms constantly share knowledge and experience and members meet twice a year to discuss client issues and engage in a lively, open forum. They required a website that would contribute to that vital level of knowledge-sharing.

This project was an extensive custom Joomla development that took over six months to plan, design, build and test. The main complexity surrounded the creation of a Members’ Directory with a sophisticated search engine. Each member has a public profile, an extended profile (which can be seen by other members), and a private profile (where details are only available to the organisation’s board and secretariat).

We created an area where members could log in and update their profile, together with specific key personnel and areas of expertise. This enables other users to search for members based on that expertise (using the ISIC business classification codes). There’s also an extensive knowledge base together with an online events section where members can create and book events.

The site is hosted on our own private cloud server at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and has a fully separated relational database (RDS) for improved security and performance. Data is backed up every few minutes to the cloud. Web Foundry also provides support for an email system set up through Google Apps.


INAA approached Web Foundry when they were looking for a Joomla specialist to help them develop their new site on the Joomla platform. After a thorough process of due diligence to establish our credentials, we were delighted to be awarded the project. We worked through planning, designing, building and testing stages, providing advice and regular updates to the client throughout. Web Foundry continues to provide ongoing support via our ticket desk.


The client had great feedback from members using the new directory. It has enabled INAA to easily communicate the latest news, events and resources to their members.

Services Provided & Tech Stack
  • Web design
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Web video
  • Hosting
  • Secretariat Support
  • Email marketing
  • Event management
  • Members' directory
  • Knowledge base

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Reporting Engine
Put your admin team in control of membership expiry, payments, analytics and much, more more.
Accounts Integration
Integrate online transactions with your back office accounting software.
Online Registration
Members can register and renew online. Expiry control, reports and notifications.
Event Listings
Integrate with Eventbrite or publish your own events from within our platform.
Payment Processing
The website is connected to a powerful payment processing platform, called Stripe. We can also integrate with Sage Pay, World Pay, PayPal and many more.
Member Only Pages
Create member only sections or pages and restricted access content.
Interactive Map
Overlay your events or business locations on an embedded Google map
Access Control Lists
Place members into groups to control what they can see or do.
Downloadable Reports
The client can view reports to show user activity, such as top products, abandoned carts, sales, shipping status and much more.
Responsive Design
The website looks spiffing on just about every device. Google also likes this feature and rewards the client with an improved ranking in their search result pages.
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The Chair

Can get quick access to critical reports and the shared view of her management team

The Chief Executive

Can get quick access to critical reports and the shared view of her management team

The Finance Manager

The finance manager is part of the secretariat team that manages the membership renewals. Reports and expiry automations are all a part of the solution.

The Event Manager

The event manager can set up new events and save these as a draft or publish live. Backend reports are available to show the status of bookings and delegate information.

The Member

The member can login to the website and view member-only content. Members can belong to different groups, each with varying levels of permission and access.

The Content Writer

The client's in-house writer has access to write and save draft content to the website. The content can be reviewed and approved and then published my an authorised manager.

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