ESCP Eagle Clinical Trials Website

The ESCP Safe-anastomosis Programme in Colorectal Surgery (EAGLE) is an international, cluster randomised-sequence study of a Safe-anastomosis Quality Improvement Intervention to reduce anastomotic leak following right colectomy and ileocaecal resection. Web Foundry was awarded the contract to develop the online learning and study platform to support this programme.

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ESCP Eagle Clinical Trials Website

Time was of the essence when ESCP approached Web Foundry to provide a project plan and quotation for this critical work. The site had to be designed, written, built and tested ready for a 'soft-launch' at their Vienna conference.

The website would need to be secure, be highly bespoke in terms of the functionality offered to users and provide advanced reporting on user study metrics over the two years that the Eagle programme would run.


Web Foundry produced a completely bespoke design, using the brand guidelines of ESCP.A clickable prototype was produced to illustrate the key user journeys to show how users would register, login and then follow various study paths.


The website was a custom Wordpress build with custom component development to track user progression throughout all five learning modules on the site. A bespoke login/user-authentication method was developed and study videos where added throughout the site. As the users advanced through each course they could review and 'check - off' elements of the study as each was completed. The client administrators could manage users and monitor uptake of the programme and user completion.


All content was provided by the client, with Web Foundry providing editorial training during the build phase in order to expedite the process.


Web Foundry completed the design and build within 12 weeks, from there a further 8 weeks were spent stress testing the website and training client users in multiple remote locations.

Services Provided & Tech Stack
  • Web consultancy
  • Web design and build
  • Custom plugin development
  • Client training
  • Quality Assurance and testing
  • Web hosting
  • Project management
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