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Killer tips for building a start-up website

Top 10 tips for planning your start-up website

Every ambitious start-up needs a website and all efforts, no matter how small, should be well-planned and flawlessy executed. 

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5 web design tips that drive sales

Web design that converts

Every business needs a robust, high-impact website to educate users and convince them your product meets their needs. 

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Free web tools

5 of the best free web tools to boost your performance

Did you know that there is a wealth of free tools you can use to improve the performance of your website? From a mobile-friendly website checker to free Twitter analytics, there are many ways you can boost your performance, at absolutely no cost. [Updated October 2017]

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How to make money from your New Year business resolutions

New Year, New Business

As we roll into the new year, we see all the usual traits: new people in the workplace; people starting diets; others joining gyms...but did you know that January is the most common month for entrepreneurs to start a new business?

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Start-up mistakes to avoid

Mistakes to avoid if you're starting a new business

Over the last 15 years, Web Foundry have been lucky enough to work with an unusually high number of start-up companies and entrepreneurial organisations.

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The dos and don'ts of starting a new business

Why your start-up reminds me of my wedding - guest post by Stephen Hart of Medici Legal

I recently went back to the venue where my wife and I got married. In a moment of reflection, it occurred to me that there were some striking similarities between organising a wedding and starting up a business. 

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What is Google My Business?

Improve local SEO with Google My Business

Google My Business is a free and simple tool for managing how your business information appears across Google Search and Maps.

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Which marketing platform is best for your business?

5 of the best marketing automation tools

Consumers today are digitally-savvy and seek to satisfy their information needs in many ways. The list of communications channels is as diverse as it is long: social media, web, email, video and apps are just some of options available.

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On-page SEO techniques

How to make your website Google-friendly

The web is a crowded marketplace and you need to make your voice heard. 

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A round-up of our digital predictions in 2017

Digital marketing trends in 2017

We’ve kept an eye on the digital developments that have been gaining traction over the last 12 months and here is a round-up of our predictions for 2017.

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Free web tools - part 2

Free design tools to enhance your marketing assets

In a follow-up to our previous blog post on free web tools, here we outline some more free resources you can use to improve the design of your marketing assets. All without needing to hire a graphic designer or invest in expensive design software.

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Online tools to improve client communication

Collaborative tools

We like making life as easy as possible for our clients. We take the time to understand the pressures and time constraints you are under so that we can build a process of working with you that works for you whilst getting the job done to your timescales and budget.

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Start-up website must-haves

Essential features of a successful start-up website

The internet is a competitive environment and your online start-up needs to capture the attention of potential customers. From clean design to search engine optimisation, this useful guide highlights some of the steps you can take to create that all-important positive first impression. 

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What is a Minimum Viable Product and how do I build one?

The importance of validating your business idea

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a development technique popularised by start-up writer Eric Ries. It proposes that you learn iteratively about your customers by getting them to test an idea or prototype with core features. You then adapt your product based on the feedback collected.

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What is growth hacking?

A beginner's guide to growth hacking

Growth hacking is a tried and tested technique for achieving rapid growth in start-ups and small businesses. It is the process of experimenting with innovative, low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing that force accelerated business growth.

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