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Automated emails your hotel should be sending

Email marketing tips for hotels

Hotel technology is becoming more sophisticated with a growing number of guests doing their research and managing bookings on their mobiles. 

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Common web design fails and how to avoid them

Web design mistakes to avoid

Think of your website as a shop window for your business. You only have one chance to make an impression yet many businesses are still ignoring basic usability principles when it comes to web design.

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Free web tools

5 of the best free web tools to boost your performance

Did you know that there is a wealth of free tools you can use to improve the performance of your website? From a mobile-friendly website checker to free Twitter analytics, there are many ways you can boost your performance, at absolutely no cost. [Updated October 2017]

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Future trends in Information Technology

The rise of machine learning, automation and the Internet of Things

Web Foundry's Technical Director, Przemek Sargeant, gives a round-up of his predicted trends in Information Technology.

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How best to promote your business online in 2018

The most important ranking factors for SEO

Another year over and a new one just begun (or about to begin), so what can you do differently to get more bang for your online marketing buck?

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How to get your website to the top of Google

7 ways of winning on Google

It’s possibly the most common question posed to a company such as ours - can you get me to the top of Google’s rankings - or at least on the first page?

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How to make your website secure with HTTPS

What is HTTPS and how will it help my SEO?

You may have read recent discussions online about why you need a ‘secure’ website and the pros and cons of HTTP vs HTTPS. Perhaps you’re now wondering how to make your site secure.

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CMS review

Which of the three big CMS delivers the knockout blow?

There are many methods to creating websites these days and the most popular are open source, web content management systems (CMS). 

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Five of the best free SEO tools in 2018

How to optimise your site with free SEO tools and resources

If you need help optimising your site but are overwhelmed by the volume of tools and resources available, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Free web tools - part 2

Free design tools to enhance your marketing assets

In a follow-up to our previous blog post on free web tools, here we outline some more free resources you can use to improve the design of your marketing assets. All without needing to hire a graphic designer or invest in expensive design software.

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Google Analytics

Grow your business with Google Analytics

Once your website is up and running, it’s important to keep a close eye on things with Google Analytics, especially if you have goals that you want to achieve. 

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How long will it take to design and build my website?

How long does it take to build a website?

We are often asked this question by potential clients and the answer is always the same: it depends on many factors that can change the timeline massively.

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How to create the perfect membership website

5 things the best membership websites have in common

Websites for membership organisations are essential to their everyday operation. From marketing member benefits and facilitating registration, to providing up-to-date resources and event booking.

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How to make money from your New Year business resolutions

New Year, New Business

As we roll into the new year, we see all the usual traits: new people in the workplace; people starting diets; others joining gyms...but did you know that January is the most common month for entrepreneurs to start a new business?

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