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SEO myths in 2019

The most common SEO myths and how to debunk them

Keeping up to date with the latest SEO updates and best practice can be challenging for any business.

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Killer tips for building a start-up website

Top 10 tips for planning your start-up website

Every ambitious start-up needs a website and all efforts, no matter how small, should be well-planned and flawlessy executed. 

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Common UX myths

UX myths and how to avoid them

User Experience (UX) design is the practice of building a product which is centred around the needs of the end user. 

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How to write a blog post in 5 easy steps

Blog writing tips and tricks

Blogging offers many benefits for your business: it boosts SEO, generates web traffic, provides content for social media and helps to establish you as an authoritative voice in your field.

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How to optimise your site for voice search

What is voice search and how is it changing SEO?

Voice search is a speech recognition technology that allows users to search the web through spoken voice commands rather than typed text, providing immediate answers to their queries.

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10 reasons we love Trello

Using Trello for project management and communication

At Web Foundry we manage internal resource and communications, project management, and now client support, in the online collaborative platform, Trello.

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8 best practice tips for successful email marketing

Email marketing design guide

Email continues to be one of the most effective ways of engaging with customers and turning leads into sales. Here are some best practice tips on designing a well formatted email that will create a good user experience, increase open rates and drive revenue.

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A round-up of our digital predictions in 2017

Digital marketing trends in 2017

We’ve kept an eye on the digital developments that have been gaining traction over the last 12 months and here is a round-up of our predictions for 2017.

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SEO Tips and Tricks

8 essential tips and tricks to improve your SEO in 2019

The SEO landscape is ever-changing and it can be hard to keep up. We've outlined our top 8 essential SEO tips and tricks you should incorporate into your search strategy to enable online success. 

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How to make your website GDPR compliant

GDPR and your website: 7 steps to compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018.

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How to optimise for Google's featured snippet

How to rank for featured snippets

Google is constantly changing its features and refining the way it displays results to users. How do you keep on top of the game?

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On-page SEO techniques

How to make your website Google-friendly

The web is a crowded marketplace and you need to make your voice heard. 

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How to optimise your social media marketing

What and how often should you post on social media?

65% of UK adults use social networking sites with an ever increasing percentage of the population tweeting, sharing and liking on a daily basis.

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5 web design tips that drive sales

Web design that converts

Every business needs a robust, high-impact website to educate users and convince them your product meets their needs. 

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A practical guide to writing for the web

How to write for the web

Writing for the web is different to other types of writing. This is because people skim online content rather than read it left to right as they would a book or newspaper.  

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