The need to upgrade your CMS

Why upgrading your CMS is essential

The need to upgrade your CMS

A website running on a CMS is an investment which needs to be tended if you want it to remain secure and operational - the same way you would take care of a garden to keep it free of pests and growing plants.

In the case of a CMS, maintenance means upgrades. Here are the main benefits of upgrading your CMS:

Ensure your website is secure and bugs are fixed

Older versions of a CMS are more likely to be targeted by hackers because bugs which can be exploited are common knowledge once the security updates that fix them are released. Hackers often take advantage of security breaches within obsolete software which is no longer supported and tested by the developers. Likewise, CMS software that isn't supported might leave you with a broken website where aspects no longer work, leading to a poor experience for your customers.

Regular maintenance saves time and money and makes future upgrades more manageable

This shouldn’t be a surprise, but the older your CMS, the longer developers will take to ‘make things right’. The key is to always make sure your CMS is regularly upgraded. For this reason, keeping budget aside to make sure that everything is fine on a regular basis is a must do. Otherwise, the amount of money you’ll think you have saved by not regularly checking your website’s health might just turn into a much larger bill.

Take advantage of new features and keep up with current trends

Delivering a digital experience which meets the needs and expectations of your users can be a challenge with older versions of CMS software. Thankfully the communities behind open source CMS such as Drupal and Joomla are constantly evolving and innovating to deliver new features which help you address these challenges.

Both of the latest versions of Joomla and Drupal have delivered a mobile first experience out of the box for website owners and users alike. Working with your agency you can enjoy a fresh and modern responsive website which will appeal to mobile users, just as much as desktop aficionados.

Don’t forget your hosting

Just as your CMS needs updated the software that your hosting runs, such as PHP, will need to be updated by your provider. Your CMS will be dependent on certain versions of this software. If you don’t regularly maintain your CMS you may find that your hosting is being upgraded and will no longer support your CMS version. This will mean you are forced to carry out an unplanned upgrade to keep your website running.

The best way approach this

Let your agency audit your CMS. Discuss with them what you hope to achieve with your website: your needs may have changed since the launch of your website, and the website may no longer reflect your digital or business strategy.

Web Foundry can help you do a health check of your website and if it needs to be upgraded. We have worked with websites running with Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, and have taken care of hundreds of upgrades and migrations. Get in touch for more information. 


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