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For When I Am Gone is a life planning tool that enables members to record information about themselves, their life, personal messages to loved ones and funeral wishes. The website aims to assist and give peace of mind to relatives or anyone who would likely be in charge of the member’s funeral and personal affairs following their passing.

The Objectives

FWIAG requested a light and welcoming website which would help people to plan for what happens after their passing. It is all about making them at ease with the subject, and sign up for something worthwhile which will save their loved ones from the toughness of funeral arrangements and administrative processes. The website would then be a platform from which the user’s information can be accessed by authorised, nominated individuals, and then taken into account for any arrangements following the user’s passing.

The Technical Part

We designed a fully responsive website with fresh and muted colours, and the branding aims to reflect a calm and serene platform where the users can take the time to think about what happens next. The website was built using Joomla CMS and we then coded a custom component on top of the CMS that enabled us to develop the custom behaviour required to meet the business logic of the client. This includes a custom user manager where all the information collected in member’s accounts is stored, integration with Worldpay payment platform for taking online payments for their various packages, a discount coupon manager and advert integrations. By developing this site using the CMS, the client has full control over managing the administration of the system from user management to website content.

The website relies on a system of forms which can be filled in with information that the users want to be remembered and the information will only be accessible by two nominated individuals, chosen by the users themselves. From National Insurance numbers and bank details to social media logins and club memberships, all the affairs which need to be taken care of will be available for nominated individuals to amend and cancel. Given the nature of the data on the site, security was something that had to be kept in mind throughout the development process. An SSL certificate was installed on the server and regular, secure backups are taken and stored on our dedicated AWS servers.

The Process

This project was an exciting one - it always is when we are working alongside a new business - Web Foundry met the FWIAG team to understand the logic of the business, so that in turn we could develop a specification for a website to meet these needs. Following the development of a specification and user stories using Trello, an interactive prototype was created to assist in the development process. Once designs were produced and signed off, we developed the website using the Joomla CMS. On completion of the project we provided training to the FWIAG team, so that they can manage their website, and ultimately their business, with limited technical input. Web Foundry continue to work closely with FWIAG, providing support as and when any assistance is required.

The Results

For When I Am Gone was launched in September 2015. The business is now being publicised via their own social media channels, and we look forward to seeing where this venture goes in the future!

More information about this project: please email us.

For When I Am Gone