Phil Holt

Managing Director

“I enjoy taking our clients through a journey of discovery. With quicker broadband speeds and a wealth of social networking possibilities, that journey’s more exciting than ever.”

With an enviable ten-year track record in the industry, Phil takes real pride in helping clients build even more successful businesses. Motivated by a desire to show clients exactly what’s possible when it comes to their web presence, he assembled a team of experts who shared his passion for this exciting arena and Web Foundry was born in May 2006.

Phil still takes a hands-on approach to project management and oversees creative direction, starting by truly understanding clients’ businesses and their needs before moving on to the delivery stage. 

Emma Sinclair

Account Administrator

"As a bit of a numbers geek I get a kick out of working with the uber cool accounting systems we have developed for Web Foundry. It just goes to show that creativity doesn't stop with web design."

As Web Foundry's finance guru, Emma makes sure that clients' financial dealings with us run smoothly and that the books balance. You will see Emma remain cool, calm and collected even when it's time to finalise Web Foundry's own tax return. 

Having trained as an accountant originally, Emma spent a number of years working in marketing, as a media manager and a commercial manager, before combining her expertise in both fields with her passion for the online sector when she joined Web Foundry in 2006.

Neal Watson

Finance Director

"I'm proud of the business and pleased that I've helped Web Foundry stay debt-free and profitable from day one."

A frustrated lawyer and avid golf player, Neal has been crunching Web Foundry's numbers and kept us on the straight and narrow since the business was founded. From day one, he has provided a solid platform for the business' financial planning whilst also overseeing all of our supplier and client accounts. His work ensures that we have the resources to deliver our projects on budget.

When Phil set up Web Foundry, he needed a heavyweight professional to join him, and with over 20 years of finance experience within the creative sector, Neal was quite simply the obvious choice.

Jen Merritt

Support & Project Manager

"I love the way technology is constantly changing and the way businesses have to adapt in order to maintain a competitive profile; the web and social media are the perfect tools to capitalise on this."

Jen is often the first point of contact for any client requests, whether a website or application is in development or needs an upgrade. Jen also provides Joomla training to clients, looks after email marketing and supports our project management. 

Jen's love for anything electronic started when her dad let her play early DOS games on his computer. This developed into a bit of a gadget obsession. Despite taking a bit of a detour with a degree in geography, she pursued her interest in technology by building and managing a website for her university korfball club. Jen now plays korfball for Edinburgh Mavericks.

Przemek Sargeant

Project Manager

 "I enjoy discussing ideas for technical projects with our clients and developing them into simple, workable solutions."

Przemek joined Web Foundry in October 2014 and has joined the Edinburgh office team in Swanston. Having migrated over 10,000 Joomla sites* (*at last count), he brings a background of development and project management to support and enhance our technical strategy and management of more technical projects.

As well as being fluent in Joomla migrations, Przemek is also fluent in English, Polish and Spanish. When not working with our clients or driving his fluorescent car, he can be found on a motocross track or kitesurfing (though preferably not in the North sea).

Vitalij Lokucijevskij

Web Developer

“My love of programming stems from a passion for science, maths and logic. It’s a world where there are no ambiguities, where every problem has a solution.”

Vitalij moved from Lithuania to Scotland in 2010 and has been part of our team ever since. A web developer with more than seven years' experience in the field he creates websites and applications for Web Foundry clients. Vitalij has a wealth of experience with open source content management systems including Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and others as well as being a font of knowledge when it comes to programming languages PHP , MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

And he's not just talented when it comes to programming languages - apart from his native Lithuanian., Vitalij is fluent in English and Russian. 

Ségolène Gallus

Digital Marketing

“I love finding new ways to communicate to people. No matter if it is through writing or the creation of visual content, there is something very satisfying in finding the right way to reach to different audiences in a creative way.”

Ségolène joined Web Foundry in May 2015, in the new Edinburgh office at Kittle Yards. Ségolène takes care of Web Foundry’s social media, as well as anything that has to do with search and email marketing. All you need to learn about the agency will be communicated through her voice – or keyboard.

When she is not spotted hunting for genuine bread or croissant in the lovely streets of Edinburgh, she can be found watching inspirational movies on Netflix or playing various videogames for the sake of geekiness!

Ryan Falconer

Senior Web Designer

"I work with the team to create, design and deliver user experiences that make digital products more intuitive, accessible, usable and ultimately help our clients achieve business goals."

Ryan is an experienced web designer, who has an obsession with online business and user experience design. Ryan has won a number of awards for his business acumen, including being a finalist in the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards Scotland 2009. He joined the Web Foundry team in Spring 2014, fresh from a year working and travelling in Australia.

Ryan designs with the end-user in mind, ensuring that the customer experience is, quite simply, intuitive. In doing so he ensures that Web Foundry's clients can clearly communicate their brand and ultimately supports them in reaching their business aims. 

Marcus Wilson

Digital Creative

“Web Foundry has a real entrepreneurial spirit. I’m given so much freedom to come up with creative and elegant solutions that meet our clients’ needs.”

Marcus’ pioneering attitude was evident from a young age: in 1987, he created an intranet for his friends - complete with social networking! He also introduced online ticketing to a West End theatre in 1998. Marcus is currently consulting on Creative Scotland's digital Amb:IT:ion project.

Impressed with Web Foundry's level of creativity, Marcus joined in 2012. With specialisms in Open Source web technology (particularly Joomla and Wordpress), expertise in Adobe Photoshop and a passion for immersive digital imaging and audio, he’s truly valuable to us.

Jessica Stoddard

Web Designer

“I love the process and critical thinking behind design. Each new project is a challenge. Working with clients is a team effort and I love working with them one on one to deliver their design needs.”

Jesse is a graphic designer and creates the look of websites and applications which not only represent our clients' brands and values, but also leave a lasting impression on their customers.

Aiming to combine a company's identity with a certain amount of style and the latest web design trends, Jesse relishes the challenge of visually communicating a message through a brand or a logo as well as the style and structure of a website. Having joined  Web Foundry in 2013, Jesse is now based in New York and works on a freelance basis.

Dennis Hermatski

Web Developer

"I really enjoy the challenge of taking an abstract idea and turning it into a functioning web application. It simply doesn't get boring."

Dennis has been with us since 2011. His main responsibility is to turn our clients' visions into an online reality on a day-to-day basis. For the most part, this means building custom Joomla sites and applications to individual specifications. He also helps with bug fixes and other queries arising from our ticketing desk. He is a well-respected, regular contributor to Joomla and is a member of the "Joomla Bug Squad" which works on many core code fixes.

Dennis is the original fourth musketeer with a penchant for historical battle re-enactments. Thankfully, he hasn't yet brought a sword and shield to work!


Andrei Brindau

Web Developer

“I enjoy developing websites and solutions for clients that maximise the many great features that Joomla has to offer.”

Andrei is a Joomla developer with six years of experience in the industry. Based in Romania, he joined the team on a freelance basis in June 2014. Andrei supports our two full time developers in building custom Joomla templates, bug fixing and whatever else our clients need support with. 

Dan Cruson

Web Developer

“I enjoy the challenge of finding solutions to problems. Web development epitomises this challenge.”

Dan is one of our offshore, freelance developers. He is experienced with web development and has provided support specifically with integration of Civi CRM systems. Dan mostly works on projects, building custom Joomla templates and custom solutions to client requirements. 

Carlos M. Cámara

Web Developer

"I love working with Joomla and developing custom solutions to projects."

Phil met Carlos at the Joomla & Beyond 2013 event when they went running together (see picture here!). Carlos has worked with Web Foundry on a freelance basis from his home in Barcelona since, and he applies his extensive Joomla experience to Web Foundry's projects.

Phil and Carlos met up again at Joomla & Beyond 2014 - and they went running, again!

Leszek Eljasz

Server Admin

"Many IT professionals are very focussed on one aspect of the industry. I really enjoy being a little more versatile and looking at the field as a whole."

Leszek is part of Raffa's team of server administrators. Day to day, he looks after the set-up, configuration and fine tuning of the operating systems behind websites and applications. This behind the scenes work ensures servers are stable and reliable, allowing our clients to focus on their businesses without having to worry about website issues. 

Having joined Web Foundry in early 2014, Leszek has three years' experience as a server administrator for a university in Poland, where he is based. Web Foundry's clients benefit from round-the-clock support that doesn't stop when traditional office hours finish. 

Alina Lokucijevskij


“Each project is a material expression of creativity and the outcome of smooth teamwork. I love working with, and learning from, such smart and dedicated people.”

Experienced in Drupal and Joomla CMS, Alina focuses her skills on website content editing for a wide range of Web Foundry clients.

She’s a fantastic member of the team, passionate about learning and genuinely curious about the possibilities of our industry. Alina loves the spirit of co-operation that exists within the business; she loves the product (especially the Chester Residence site); and she’s keen to learn more about how great companies build their online profile.


Current Opportunities

Web Foundry is a web design agency that develops using the Joomla Open Source CMS. In the last 12 months all but one of our projects involved the use of the is CMS (the other was Wordpress). We provide a full service to our clients including: design, build, hosting, on site SEO & email marketing. Most clients expect these services to be extended to include advice with social media marketing and training.

The company is 8 years old and achieved a 25% growth in turnover in 2013 on the previous year.

We are based in the south side of Edinburgh close to the city bypass and are a team of 15. Eight people are based in Edinburgh (four full time, four part time). We also have two full time developers offshore. Our offshore part time staff includes developers, server/systems admin consultants and designers. 

If you are interested in joining our team, please email a covering letter, salary expectations and CV to Phil Holt.

Current Opportunities:

Senior Digital Project Manager

6 countries

5 timezones

/ New York, USA

/ Edinburgh, Scotland

/ Roquetas de Mar, Spain

/ Krakow, Poland

/ Minsk, Belarus

/ Cluj Napoca, Romania

100 years experience

team |tēm|
[noun] Two or more people working together | a team effort
[verb] Come together as a team to achieve a common goal

Web Foundry are a team in the truest sense of the word: combining skills from design and development to server administration and project management. What’s more, we also value our clients as a crucial part of this team process as we work together to achieve our common goal, which is, ultimately, your project.

Web Foundry boasts over 100 years of combined experience in the digital media industry, so you can rely on us to deliver.

Our clients

We consumed

We delivered

192 websites

168 email campaigns

40 training sessions

36 custom applications

24 e-commerce stores

20 digital strategies

We're hiring

Interested in working with Web Foundry?

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