Database Design

An off-the-shelf content management system will only get you so far. By its very nature, it’s simply ‘a platform’. Many projects do need customisation and sometimes we write highly bespoke extensions that plug into the Joomla CMS.  The database structure we design has to be absolutely right: it’s a critical foundation for these customisations since everything flows from it. Our programming team are all highly proficient database designers, who can build almost anything. And this gives us a real edge in the local market.

Web Video

Adding video content to your website can have a huge impact on how your company is perceived and how you communicate with your customers. Our in-house capabilities can provide you with web-ready HD videos that truly enhance the user experience. We can create engaging scripts and storyboards, followed by professional film and post-production services. With a single point of contact to manage the process, you’ll have an effective, professional film online in no time at all.

Joomla! Training

Whether you’re new to Joomla or you need to brush up on your skills, our one-to-one training is customised to meet your needs:

Our two-hour ‘Web Manager Introduction’ is designed to help content managers or site administrators who are new to Joomla. It will introduce key concepts and features and how to use them in your work.

Our six-hour ‘Web Manager Intermediate’ course covers the more advanced features of Joomla. This is ideal if you already have a basic knowledge or if you use Joomla regularly.

Our six-hour ‘Web Developer Introduction’ is for Web Designers (ideally skilled in HTML and CSS) who are looking to get started with Joomla. By the end, you’ll be able to build a simple Joomla-powered site and customise the default template.

UI Design

If a website is greeted with furrowed brows and frustrated grunts then it’s failed. Websites should be designed and structured to be barrier-free, with easy and intuitive user journeys. Catering for a broad range of user requirements, we’ll look at intuitive navigation, carefully decide on target browsers, build code semantically (so it has greater appeal to search engines), and design sites with screen readers or search bots in mind. This is about exploiting the latest technologies, without alienating your audience or sacrificing functionality.