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Marketing for Digital Natives

Digital Natives? Millennials? Those expressions might sound like some Sci-Fi quotes but they aren’t. They actually are the words which are now used in marketing to describe the children of the 2000s, the ones who were born with technology or witnessed...

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So long Cancun - it's been a blast

It’s with some sadness that the curtain falls on the 2014 Joomla World Conference in Cancun. The past three days have gone so quickly. The world conference is the perfect place for Joomla web designers to get together and to learn from one another.

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Ten reasons why clients hire us

There are many reasons why you should work with Web Foundry. Our clients recommend us, we know Joomla inside out, we deliver on time and on budget and we've got a track record for website design here in Edinburgh since 1999. Want to know more?

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